Play any multimedia format on Windows 7


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When we install a new Operating System and we try to play our videos, we usually find that we can't play some video formats and the following step is installing a good pack of codecs.

If you have installed Windows 7, Win7Codecs is a good choice if you want your system to support any kind of multimedia formats.

Win7Codecs is a full-featured codec pack for Windows 7 that will enable your common multimedia player to play any video format.

AMR, MPC, OFR, DIVX, MKA, APE, FLAC, EVO, FLV, M4B, MKV, OGG, OGV, OGM, RMVB or XVID will not be a problem anymore for your computer.

It's very easy to install thanks to its wizard, so run the executable file and follow the easy steps given by the wizard and enjoy your videos with no problem on your new Windows 7 PC.
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